I have been using SharePoint in a corporate environment since it was called SharePoint Portal Server 2001 – a long time ago. Since then, most of my professional time has been spent working with the various versions of SharePoint up to SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online.

I’ve highlighted some of the major initiatives I’ve been involved with below. I can tackle all aspects of SharePoint from branding, development, server admin and architecture but my main strength is working with users to build high quality solutions using client side frameworks. I am also highly experienced at increasing end user adoption of SharePoint within organisations.

Corporate Intranet

I helped design a corporate internet for a large (thousands of users) organisation. I was lead on the logical architecture of the sites & site collections and assisted in the branding effort, governance and end user adoption of the platform.
The exercise was a huge success with SharePoint penetrating into all parts of the organisation. It was used as the company’s intranet but it was also adopted to run multi million pound projects as well as private departmental team sites and a successful extranet that was used as an interface between clients and suppliers.

Webinar Program

I ran and delivered a successful campaign of webinars on various end user SharePoint topics such as lists & libraries and security & permissions. The purpose of the campaign was to continue to deliver quality and targeted training materials to people within our organisation without the time and cost involved in standard classroom training.
The webinars were extremely well received and were refined constantly with positive feedback from attendees.

Migration Project

I was a lead in a migration project to move several hundred SharePoint 2007 sites and site collections to SharePoint 2010. This also involved a major reorganisation of the web applications, site collections and sites during the migration process.
This exercise was carried out succesfully over several months using various techniques such as powershell scripts and 3rd party tools such as Metalogix Content Matrix.

Assurance Application

I developed a SharePoint based application to track Assurance checks that needed to be carried out on an Oil Platform on an ongoing basis. The app was written entirely using client side frameworks: jQuery and Bootstrap 3. It consisted of several connected lists, custom designed input forms, several dashboards, workflows to generate timely alerts and reports built using SQL Server Reporting Services for SharePoint. It was a great success and was rolled out to other platforms to utilise.

Making a website

Getting a good website up and running can be an intimidating job. There’s a few options open to you, all of which have good and bad points:
  • You can get a simple site that’s relatively easy to edit from somewhere like GoDaddy, 1and1 or SquareSpace
  • You can try hosting and building it yourself
  • You can hire someone to host and build it for you
If you want to try yourself I would fully recommend someone like SquareSpace. I have found that although some other companies may appear a bit cheaper from month to month, they often have hidden charges and everything extra has a cost. There can also be performance issues with these cheaper plans as your website will be sharing a server with LOTS of other websites.
Where I come in is the 3rd option – I can help you build the website you need at a price that is fair. This option is usually only within the reach of larger organisations but even then I have seen the same pattern time and time again. Excessive charging and terrible websites. I know that for small business or individuals it can be a very intimidating exercise approaching a design agency or web designer about building a website. Not so with me.
I do this because I love it. It’s my hobby as well as my vocation. I WANT you to have a website that your overjoyed and amazed with – it also makes my portfolio look good! All consultations with me are free and money only swaps hands when you are satisfied with my work.


A domain is the link to your website. For example, my domain is These have to be purchased and renewed each year and usually only cost a few pounds or dollars. I prefer to purchase your domain so I can perform the initial setup. I charge the exact cost of the domain back to you and, after initial setup, this can be transferred over to your own name or company.


I can host your websites with a starting price of just $20 a month. For that, you get super fast SSD virtual servers to ensure your website responds well and runs smooth. As your traffic grows and you become more successful, the infrastructure I use can grow with you.


If you are a registered charity, you need a website and I can squeeze it in, I’ll build it for free. You will still have to cover the hosting costs and purchase of the domain but the actual site building is free. Please get in touch – it’s good to give back.

Website Building

To build most websites I recommend using a content management system (CMS) called WordPress. WordPress websites make up at least a quarter of the entire internet. With thousands of templates to choose from, a huge array of plugins for enhanced functionality and a massive support community, it’s hard to beat.

Website Templates

Website templates gives you a good start and a solid framework for your website. They also cut down development time and therefore save you money. I have commercial licenses from several website template designers including Tesla Themes which is a company that makes exceptional website templates. Check out their site to get a feel for the quality and variety of their templates:

I am good at training others – this has been been borne out by feedback I have received from training courses and webinars that I have delivered in the past. I can produce and deliver a wide variety of training from a short series of webinars all the way up to a full 5 day intensive course on a particular subject. My main training skills are in the SharePoint arena but I have delivered both iOS development and basic web design in the past.
In my experience, bespoke training designed around your business is far more effective than generic and generalised training. People understand complex concepts and ideas much more easily if they can relate them to their own experiences and day to day work. It is for this reason that I make it a priority of mine to understand your business as well as a layman can before I start designing any course content.
I’ve included some feedback I have received from a recent webinar series I delivered below. This was obtained by post-course surveys that I carried out and the responses are grouped by the survey questions.