Category: SharePoint

  • Adding new fields to a SharePoint list or library

    This is cool – just discovered this from one of the newsletters that I follow. An early release feature that should be available to all in March. Previously, when you wanted to add a new field to a list or library, it got added to the end of your columns. But now! You can do […]

  • SharePoint Workbench on Mac

    I’ve been working my way through an excellent book about developing using the new SharePoint Framework. There’s a tool called the SharePoint Workbench which runs locally on your machine and allows you to test your web parts on a SharePint looking canvas quickly without having to go through the full deployment process into your SharePoint […]

  • How to deliver a successful Webinar using Microsoft Lync (now Skype for Business)

    Introduction Firstly, what is a Webinar? The word actually stands for Web-based Seminar which is another way for saying a presentation, training session or workshop that is delivered over a network of computers rather than face to face in a room. This has been enabled over the last few years by the ever increasing speed […]