Author: Alastair Reynolds

  • Adding new fields to a SharePoint list or library

    This is cool – just discovered this from one of the newsletters that I follow. An early release feature that should be available to all in March. Previously, when you wanted to add a new field to a list or library, it got added to the end of your columns. But now! You can do […]

  • Office 365 – Get Ahead of the Game

    Something I missed during the setup of my Office 365 is to sign up for early release of new features. Now this can be refined and targeted to one or more people within your organisation so obviously don’t switch it on for everyone but at least somebody should be keeping a eye on new releases. […]

  • SharePoint Workbench on Mac

    I’ve been working my way through an excellent book about developing using the new SharePoint Framework. There’s a tool called the SharePoint Workbench which runs locally on your machine and allows you to test your web parts on a SharePint looking canvas quickly without having to go through the full deployment process into your SharePoint […]

  • How to deliver a successful Webinar using Microsoft Lync (now Skype for Business)

    Introduction Firstly, what is a Webinar? The word actually stands for Web-based Seminar which is another way for saying a presentation, training session or workshop that is delivered over a network of computers rather than face to face in a room. This has been enabled over the last few years by the ever increasing speed […]

  • WordPress Maintenance Mode

    Have you ever seen this when trying to open your WordPress site? Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute. Well if you have, chances are you’ve been updating plugins and may now be in a state of shock as to why your website is dead. Don’t worry, this is super simple to […]